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Pain Relief: Dr Sarah Brewer, outlines electromagnetic healing's long history of relieving pain of all kinds

Pain Relief

Acumed patches Osteopath Torben Hersborg is a therapist to numerous Olympic athletes, including Modern Pentathletics gold medallist Dr Stephanie Cook. He was born in Denmark and trained at the European School of Osteopathy in Kent, going on to launch his Central London Health Centre in 1993. Having had the knocks and strains of high level sports participation as an international judo player, he understands how pain can undermine not only professional performance but personal wellbeing.Pain is an everyday experience for thousands of people throughout the UK. Nearly two thirds of the country's adults have had experience of back pain at some point in their lives, for example. Many others suffer due to sports injuries, arthritis, rheumatism or work-related repetitive strain injury. Pain has incredibly debilitating consequences. Even performing the simplest day-to-day chores can be extremely arduous, and for some, impossible. Constant physical pain has a detrimental effect on emotional wellbeing too, and many people become depressed as a result. Its effects can extend beyond the individual sufferer, to partner and family as well. Although no two people are the same, and different treatments suit different individuals, electromagnetic therapy has been successful in pain relief for a significant proportion of sufferers.Dr Sarah Brewer, whose extensive knowledge of all aspects of natural medicine is impressive, outlines electromagnetic healing's long history of relieving pain of all kinds.

amphibian green frog In fact, Dr.Brewer herself has successfully used acumed pain relieving patches to treat a jogging-related knee injury. The therapeutic power of magnets was known to physicians in ancient Greece, Egypt and China more than 4000 years ago. In 1959, surgeons in the US found that amputated amphibian limbs could be regrown when an electromagnetic field was used. More recently, clinicians who have studied the effects of magnetic therapy have estimated that its effectiveness in relieving pain is 85 per cent, considerably higher than many analgesic drugs, and without risk of side effects. It is to be hoped that this ancient therapy might bring comfort to the legions of pain sufferers throughout the nation.

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